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Congratulations to Paul Bryant and Chris Cooke who were Runners Up in the Winter League Doubles Knockout
They even had 2 darts at a winning double in the final and unfortunately knocked out the pairing of Nicky Harris and Lynne Wilcock along the way. The whole night was quite entertaining for the clubs team as Bob Jones and Gavin Jones also made the quarter finals however 3 players didn't get to feature as they missed the new 8pm deadline.

Winter 2015


Monday 9th May 2016


The final of the Jimmy Walker Cup at the Crown v's The 3 C's and also the first round of the cup we've played in the correct 1 leg 501 format. Steve Sweetman (I've put his name in bold - Steve Sweetman - in case he misses it in the report....not that he really wants to be reminded of this week :D), started the night off and unfortunately could get out of the 1's and 5's which left him with far to much catching up to do when he did find the 20's and with only one leg there's no redeeming yourself once you're one down, 0-1. Gavin Jones hitting 2 tons and a first dart finish on double top put us back level. Chris Cooke raised the nerves a litte with both players fighting for the win and having shots at a finish struggled to leave his favored double 18 but a few attempts around the 12's took us into the lead. Nicky Harris didn't have the luck of the odd dart dropping into a treble and although she got down to a finish didn't get a shot at it and we were all level again. Paul Bryant had a very bad day at the office throwing nothing like his normal game and sandwiched a ton with two 26 scores which could have made the difference as he had shots at double 19 which then didn't leave a shot as he hit the single, his opponent then finished it off. Paul Williams had chances to take this fairly comfortably but looking at the wrong score he hit a 3 which he thought would leave double 8 but it infact left the mad house, 6 more darts though and he finished it off. The all important last singles would either needing us to win both doubles or be able to play it tacktically and try to guarantee one of them, Bob Jones starting with 85 looked comfortable throughout and a few scores close to a ton meant that taking the first 3 darts at double 16 and 8 to leave double 4 didn't matter as he hit that with ease. Knowing that the other team had to put their best 2 players into the first doubles to give them a chance we did the opposite but it didn't matter as Bob Jones and Chris Cooke never looked in any danger of losing and could have had another 6 darts at a double with the others so far behind, a win took it to 5-4 so a change to the last doubles saw Neil McCrave and Linda Coulson finish the night off, it was a wholly low scoring leg for both sides which meant that they were both below 100 at the same time, Neil threw for 94 hiting single 20, treble 18 and was just outside the double 10 but alhough Lynne had syched herself up to finish it off she never got a shot, 5-4 the final score.



Don't foget we'll be breaking in the new board next week with a knockout so lets get as many of us there as possible. The winter season is over and although we never won a game in the league we came close on more than one occasion and have shown against the best teams in the league that on our night we can at least give them a game if not a good scare.


Monday 25th April 2016


A great performance by the club against one of the top 2 teams in the whole league, a bit more clinical on the finishing could have even seen a 6-3 win.

Our final trip of the season was to The Erdington Members Club and we're back to the drawn players for the doubles, our picks were Nicky Harris and Steve Sweetman(112B) and what a good pairing it turned out to ebe with Steve hitting the doubles when needed and Nicky putting a hole in the score a couple of times, the outcome a deserved 2-1 win. Lynne Wilcock once again drew a player who it seems plays better when he's against someone he believes he can beat, hitting a 140 break and a 137 put pay to any slender chances Lynne had, although she did get down to a double, a 2-0 loss. Paul Williams(124) hit and miss season carried on as he was let down by being a little to far behind when getting away and even though he scored well it wasn't quite enough and another 2-0 loss. Gavin Jones against probably their weakest player, who still hit a 120 break, came through unscathed with a 2-0 win. Chris Cooke(100) unfortunately can't quite bring his practice game to the match board and doesn't seem to be throwing with any confidence at times and didn't really get into either leg losing 2-0. The game of the night by far was played by Neil McCrave(140,100F) who was a match for his opponent and other than a few missed darts at a finishcould have took it 2-0, some great scores and a nice 100 finish wasn't quite enough though losing 2-1. Bob Jones(125) also looked to have the measure of his opponent but as it seems regualrly against the top teams the biggest differenceis in the number of darts it takes to hit a winning double, unfortunately theirs tend to be a lot less than ours, another 2-1 loss. Paul Bryant was looking to make it 2 in a row against Chris Millward but a 9 scoring dart leg put him in the driving seat and another game we could have won ended 2-1 against. Unusaully playing 9th was Steve Sweetman and again had a big start against him but threw steady and finished well meaning our second 2-0 of the evening. So with a bit more luck or better finishing shots the result could have looked a lot better, 4-5, 5-4 , or even 6-3 in our favour, one positive is that the same team beat The Gate 9-0 last week so it shows we're doing something right. The club won 9 legs to their 13 and hit 6 ton plus' to their 13 - every one of their players hitting at least one with 5 high breaks.


Monday 18th April 2016


Another contraversial game in the Jimmy Walker cup where we had been told by the league that it was division 2 rules, on the 9th game found out it should have been 1 leg 501, the other team believe they would have won then but if we hadn't had to hit the starting double which several players struggled on i believe we'd have got a better result than we did :D

Neil McCrave got things started and was one of those where if he'd hit his starting double earlier would have took this 2-0 however as it was he was too far behind in the first and ended up losing 2-0. Steve Sweetman came up against their young captain who in all honesty was never really in the game with Steve winning comfortably 2-0. Gavin Jones once again came up against the same woman it seems hes faced every time since these guys joined as the Poachers, not the best display but nonthe less a 2-0 win. Paul Bryant was throwing with his usual confidence and this showed more so when trying to finish as this is where he missed and unusually went down 2-0. Chris Cooke(100) was also out of sorts and in a match he would usually win he found himself on the wrong end of another 2-0 game. Now 3-2 down we needed to pick up 3 of the next 4, Bob Jones(140) after losing the first found some form and held on to it taking the next 2 with relative ease, a 2-1 win. Paul Williams hit some big scores when practicing which is usually the kiss of death but he held his own and some precise darts when finishing gave him a 2-0 win. Into the doubles needing 1 win from 2, Paul Bryant and Chris Cooke(100) were up first and looked marginally better than in their respective singles games but still could only take 1 leg, so 4 each with 1 to play, Steve Sweetman and Gavin Jones finally showed the difference between the two teams and took both legs with the opposition still looking to get to a double, 2-0. 5-4 on the night but only 11 legs against 9 and very poor scoring on our side only hitting 3 ton plus' to their 9. This win puts us into the final against the 3 C's and at least fills another of the weeks that would be left gameless between the winter and summer leagues.


Monday 11th April 2016


The 2nd of our 3 games against Erdington Members Club within 4 weeks and it was for the Division 1 cup final. Again normal league rules applied playing 1 doubles and 8 singles games. Randomly drawn for the doubles were Steve Sweetman and Nicky Harris and with both scoring well they deservedly took the game 2 legs to nil, Neil McCrave(100) looked to be on course for a decent win leaving himself at least 6 darts at double 8 for the win but some decent finishing against him meant it was a 2-1 reverse. Steve Sweetman was up against it a bit with a 100 break followed by a 160 break against him but on taking it to 3 legs looked to have the win in sight, but as with our luck against these guys they finish well meaning another 2-1 loss. Gavin Jones showed that we can finish as well with a Bull double 16 combo in the first leg took a 2-0 win followed by an example by Paul Bryant that starting quickly can make a massive difference aswell as he comfortably saw off one of the leagues best players 2-0. Now 3-2 things were looking good with Chris Cooke(100,101B) throwing more than well enough to keep himself in the game only for the 3rd leg to find himself waiting on a double as his opponent went out on 109, a 2-1 loss. Paul Williams coming in against the same player he saw off with ease last week threw regularly well grouped darts but they were too often just outside the double to start and then finish on double 1, a 2-0 loss this week. Nicky Harris wasn't given much of a chance this week with a high break and some high scores against but she still managed to take a big chunk out of both legs but ultimately lost out 2-0. Bob Jones could probably have done with a bit more of a warm up as he lost both legs without really showing much in return. Once again a final score of 6-3 to Erdington although this week we at least had them worried and took a much closer 9 legs to their 12 with 3 ton plus' against 9.



Monday 4th April 2016


The first of our 3 meetings over the next 4 weeks against Erdington Members Club, this the semi final of the Roy Parry Cup. ! doubles to start followed by 8 singles. First up was Steve Sweetman(123) and Gavin Jones(121) who struggled to start in the first leg but still managed 2 darts at a finishing double, the second leg was much more in their favour taking that one and again the third could have gone either way, unfortunately ending in a 2-1 loss. Gavin Jones(2x100,152B) took far to many darts in the opening leg to get going and although he came back couldn't finish it off on time, a ton in the second leg gave enough of an advantage to take it to a decider which was over as quick as it started, a 152 break followed by 95 then a 2 dart 54 finish meant an 8 dart leg and 2-1 win. Steve Sweetman(2x100) also played tonight and was one of our winners, coming up against a player who can win any match which was highlighted by his 160 break but he could only muster the one leg against super Steve who took the game 2-1. Chris Cooke, Paul Bryant(100), Neil McCrave and Nicky Harris all though suffered 2-0 defeats showing the step up in quality that the 2 top teams have against the rest. Paul Williams though stepped up with a swagger and proved to himself that if he can get away he can win a lot more games in this league and on the night was the only player not to drop a leg, a nice 65 finish on the bull to secure a 2-0 win. With the game already lost Bob Jones threw a close first leg but the second was started against him with a 116 a but too much daylight between them, another 2-0 loss. On the night then a 6-3 defeat with us hitting 8 ton plus' to their 9 but with them winning double the amount of legs at 14-7, hopefully we were just warming up for next week and take either 4 or a winning 5 from that one.


Monday 21st March 2016


The penultimate league match of the season where a win is needed to try and get some points on the board before an away trip to Erdington.

The randomly drawn doubles pairing was Les Robinson and Bob Jones(112B) and it was quite an even matchup but as is happening all to often this season the finishing doubles are elusive and costing us games, a 2-1 loss. Steve Sweetman(100B,180) was up first in the singles and to start with looked a man possesed hitting a 100 break and taking the first leg fairly easily, the second looked to carry on in the same vain hitting a 180 with his second visit but hitting a single 14 to leave double 7 killed his game, the 3rd leg carried on like that but not being able to start, another 2-1 loss. Gavin Jones(100) proved that getting away within the first 6 darts can make a massive difference and the 100 straight after a break in the 3rd put plenty of daylight between him and the away team and finished a 2-1 win. Unfortunately for the next 3 games we didn't take a leg with Chris Cooke(135), Paul Williams and Les Robinson all falling to 2-0 losses. Paul Bryant(140) produced a steady performance but was once again let down by his maths hitting a nice 3 darter on double tops when he had double 16 left, another 2-1 loss. Nicky Harris didn't do a lot wrong but was just beaten by the better player on the night and lost 2-0, Bob Jones(100) was last up and seemed a lot more like his old self, maybe the club refurb has had a positive effect, and showed that being able to hit a finishing double not only gives you a leg but also confidence going into the next, a 2-0 win. A drubbing then of 7-2 with the club only winning 7 legs to 15 but hitting 7 ton plus' to 9. After the bank holiday we now have 3 weeks out of 4 against Erdington Members Club with a possibility of a 4th when the other cup drawer is made.


Monday 14th March 2016


Steve Sweetman and Paul Williams were first up in the doubles match against The Family Tree where they seem to have chose 2 of their strongest players?, as it happened the whole game was very close with the first 2 legs being winnable by both sides, our guys took the first and theirs the second, the third started in a similar vein but a 140 for them was the big difference along with them hitting the double quickly before we were quite down to ours, a 2-1 loss to start. Gavin Jones(2x112B) kicked off the singles getting into a good lead but then struggling to finish on double 10, after 15 darts or so a double was found and then a 2nd 112 break was to much for his opponent and ended with a 2-0 win. Chris Cooke also threw a steady game never really looking in doubt as the lad he played constantly knocked himself and never really got going, another 2-0 win. Steve Sweetman(100,112B,140) with some big scores over the three legs never quite looked comfotable going for his starting double and gave away too many darts to one of their best players losing 2-1. Lynne Wilcock gave as good as she got in the first leg but couldn't find a start in the 2nd and lost 2-0. Nicky Harris(123) took her 2nd leg in 2 weeks but again a starting double took to long in the last leg and she was beaten 2-1. Neal McCrave was third in line to have some double trouble and wasn't really close enough in the first leg then in the second looked disheartened and to far behind a 2-0 loss. Bob Jones' game went 1 each and in the 3rd leg having shots at a winning double could have given him the win however a first dart finish against meant a 2-1 loss. Paul Bryant(106F) looked to be out of the 1st leg but going his own way to finish 106 worked and visibly killed off his opponent and it was soon 2-0. Overall another league loss at 3-6 with both teams hitting 7 ton plus'.


Monday 7th March 2016


Just for a change the powers that be chose to draw us in the semi finals of the Division Cup against The Raven. This game though was played on the neutral ground of the Crown Shard End. The fixture consists of one doubles match and 8 singles. up first for the doubles was Steve Sweetman(100,108) and Gavin Jones(100), our pairing quite comfortably took the first leg but then there was a delay as a permanant marker had been used for scoring on the whiteboard so cleaning materials and a new pen were required, luckily the game continued as it had started and with Steve hitting 2 treble 18's to leave double 7 while we were well in the lead and took a 2-0 win. First up for the singles was Paul Williams(140) who was up against a tough player and this was made worse with his attempts to start hitting the wire far to often and leaving him to far behind once away, a 2-0 loss. Gavin Jones(112B) was next and luckily his starting doubles where with his first dart as finishing in the first leg went all the way to double 1, in the 2nd leg there was a bit more distance until a shot at 158 for his opponent nearly took that one, however he finished with the next dart to win 2-0. Steve Sweetman was fairly untroubled in his matchup and came out with another 2-0 win putting the club 3-1 ahead. Bob Jones and Neal McCrave both struggled to find any form and fell to 2-0 losses. Paul Bryant(100) had an up and down game but needed the win to give us any hope and thats he did by taking chances when they were there, a 2-1 win. Chris Cooke(100) could now win it and as the game went to 1-1 it looked to be a tight one that could definitely go either way, his opponent though struggled to finish in both the 2nd and 3rd legs where Chris took his chances and won 2-1. Nicky Harris now stepped up with less pressure on her shoulders and threw some great darts taking the first leg and then moving close in the 2nd, the 3rd leg was a slow starter for her with confidence looking low until she bgan to catch up, then with a finish in sight produced some good scoring to leave 32 then 16, unfortunately hitting double 16 for the latter, a good game but ultimately a 2-1 loss. The scoreline finished up at 5-4 to the club with us hitting 7 ton plus' to their 6.

The final will be against Erdington Members club in a few weeks so all players will need to bring their A game for a chance of that one.


Monday 22nd February 2016


With the Family Tree not being able to field a team in the away leg of the mini league tonights home leg was decided to be a double up where every result counted for both home and away, this could mean a win putting the club through to the finals depending on how the otehr 2 teams had faired when up against each other. Once again mini league rules of 9 games playing out all 3 legs.

First up was Paul Williams who was so far behind in the first leg it looked like he could be on for a whitewash, however persistance prevailed and after taking that leg there was no looking back as he took all 3. Gavin Jones(100,121) trying to keep the leg defecit to a minimum looked a bit behind in the 3rd after his opponent hit a 136 break, but a big score of his own with quick finishing put us 6 legs up. Neil McCrave came up against possibly their best player but where Neil kept plugging for every score a bad dart for the other guy saw him knock himself constantly, this meant that Neil crept in to win a leg and looked confident in another, taking to many darts to break in the 3rd meant he went down 2-1. Paul Bryant(2x100) kept a cool head and threw 3 steady legs of darts and although one could have gone either way giving us another 3-0 win. Nicky Harris(100) had darts at winning the 2nd leg and was unlucky not to do so, a 3-0 loss though. Lynne Wilcock also at times threw well but against a 100 break and 2 more ton plus' in the 3 legs meant it was a bit to much and also lost all 3 legs. Hoping to turn it round a bit Steve Sweetman stepped up and even though it wasn't a high scoring matchup it was a more than comfortable 3-0 win. Bob Jones showed glimpses of a winning throw and against a player he could beat but only took one of the 3 legs. Chris Cooke(128) looked to have the upper hand in this game and finished clinicly in the 1st, however the doubles weren't so easy in the other 2 legs so the game finished with a 2-1 loss. All in a win of 15 legs to 12 so doubled up to 30 against 24 which may hold us in good stead in the mini league table, the club only managing 6 ton plus' to their 11.


Monday 15th February 2016


Once again this season it was a trip to The Raven, this time for the mini league so 9 games playing out all 3 legs.

First up was Les Robinson who wasn't really given much of a chance and although he had a few darts at a double lost all 3 legs, Gavin Jones(2x100,125) threw next and although only getting one dart at a double in the first leg hit a nice 82 finish on the bull double 16 and took the game 2-1. Chris Cooke(100) was hoping to do one better than last week but again struggled to finish in 2 of the legs, the one he found the double in he won easily, a 2-1 loss. Steve Sweetman(100,140) hoping to get us 3 legs on the board agsain wasn't himself at the beginning but as with last week he pulled out the shots when needed and won 2-1. Paul Bryant(2x100) took the first leg with some steady darts and was in a strong position in the 2nd but just couldn't finish it off, the 3rd was the opposite where he couldn't start and was that far behind his opponent went straight for the bull with 50 left and finished it there and then, another 2 legs dropped and one gained. Bob Jones(137) was a bit Jekyl and Hyde throwing some great darts at points not least the 137 to leave 32 but then some wayward ones scoring 7's etc, another 2-1 loss, Neil McCrave once again showed he can be a contender in this league throwing some great darts but just lucking out with too many wires and what could have been a 2-1 win was a reverse scoreline. Lynne Willcock threw next and didn't quite put enough pressure on her opponent and couldn't quite finish when she'd nicely left a double, our 2nd 3-0 loss of the night. Last up was Paul Williams(100) who was against their regular number 9 and gave him a run for his money, unfortunately it was down to finishing again and wires kept him out, a 2-1 loss. The final result as massively in favor of the Raven with them winning 18 legs to our 9, hitting 12 ton plus' to our 10 .. ....we could possibly be out of the mini league with still 2 games against The Family Tree to play.


Monday 8th February 2016


The 2nd round of the Roy Parry cup away to The Raven. Played with normal league format the match started with a doubles match which saw Steve Sweetman(100) and Gavin Jones(125) struggle to find any real form but still take out a 2-0 win. Chris Cooke got the singles underway but a few shots missed at finishing doubles meant he lost out 2-1 as his opponent took his chance with a 120 finish. Steve Sweetman(3x100) was back up next and wasn't quite on form during the first leg even though he won it but no messing around in the last meant he won 2-1. Gavin Jones(120) was a bounceout away from a 180 and up against the same player as 2 weeks ago and also the new singles winner didn't step up with much expectation, however on this occasion by taking his chances where the other player seemed to be trying to hard he came out with a 2-0 win. Paul Bryant(140,100) also following on from a good night in the singles spluttered at times but in the end his better darts showed though in a 2-1 win. Neal McCrave (or McCabe as this weeks teamsheet states) showed that hitting doubles makes such a big difference in this game as he got away fairly quickly in both legs and some steady scoring followed by as few darts at a finish as possible saw him come out with a 2-0 and put the club 5-1 up. No pressure now for Nicky Harris(114,118) as she stood toe to toe with her opponent all the way through hitting a 114 in the first leg then 118 in the second from 164 to leave a finish, and although right on the wire several times she actually lost both legs. Paul Williams up against a good player was probably let down by a little confidence in his doubles and lost both legs. Last up was Bob Jones(140) who on the whole was out of sorts and not quite hitting the scores needed, as it happened it was a fairly close game but finished with a 2-1 loss.

So finally a win against a division 1 team with the club taking 5 games to 4 winning 12 legs to 10 which next week will be all important in the mini league game back at the Raven. We also outscored them with 12 ton plus' to 8.


Monday 25th January 2016


A home league match against one of the 2 sides in this leagues we can probably give a game to so we went in to this match against The Raven feeling fairly positive.

The doubles pairing drawn this week were Les Robinson and Nicky Harris and they put up a good fight getting down to their doubles in both matches but as turned out to be a pattern for the night the difference in some of our players to theirs is in hitting those finishes. Steve Sweetman(2x100B) was up against it tonight with his opponent hitting a 103 break and a 180, Steve though hit 2 100 breaks of his own and crucially in the 3rd leg promptly took out his finish which 3 darts further in could have turned a 2-1 win to a 1-2 loss. Neal McCrave after a good few weeks since joining found out how important and difficult it can be to get that starting double, in this case it cost him the game as he ended up too far behind, a 2-0 loss. Gavin Jones(100) was also having some double trouble, mainly in finishing the first leg where both players had around 7 darts at double 4, going into the 3rd leg it was anyones game, Gavin had 1 dart at double 12 but against these players you need to be hitting those chances as the other player did meaning what could have been a 2-0 win was a 2-1 loss. Paul Bryant(100) wasnt quite on is A game tonight and struggled a little which showed as he didn't take a leg. Chris Cooke(120) playing with some fancy new darts took out a decent 88 finish in the first leg and although he miscalculated his shot in the 2nd still came back to close it out with his next throw, a comfortable 2-0 win. Paul Williams(3x100) also faced off against someone hitting 2 100+ breaks but with 3 ton plus' of his own and a perfect dart for double top to take the 3rd he came out a deserved 2-1 winner. Bob Jones(100) was a little rusty and struggled to hit much form losing 2-0. Lynne Wilcock was last to play and gave it a very good go taking the first leg relatively easily, the second went the other way but Lynne threw some good darts and could have won the game, however it went the other way with a 2-1 loss.

The game finished 6-3 to the Raven with them winning 14 legs to our 9 and hitting 12 ton plus' to our 9.


Monday 18th January2016


The first round of the Johnnie Walker Cup which with it bought contraversy due to nobody knowing the correct game format for the evening, this typically wasn't a big issue for our opponents The Dog until they were already losing. We went with league 2's format of 7 singles and 2 doubles 301 double start/finish.

First up was Steve Sweetman(140) who dispatched his opponent with ease taking the win 2-0, that was closely followed by another 2-0 for Gavin Jones(140) who took on an ex club player in John Kane, Chris Cooke(100,104f) kept it going with a good 2-0 win taking out the first leg with a nice 104 finish hitiing 18, treble 18, double 16. Paul Bryant(112b,125) showed the difference we have in playing 2nd tier sides when he produced some good scores and took us 4-0 up without dropping a leg. Unfortunately that all changed when in the next 3 games where we didn't win a leg with Les Robinson, Nicky Harris and Bob Jones(100) all lost out 2-0, Nicky up against a player who hit a 180 and a 130 in the 2 legs though. So we went into the doubles 4-3 up with Paul Williams and Neal McCrave succesfully pairing up and taking a deserved 2-1 win and the match, last up were Lynne Wilcock and Gavin Jones and although the dog had stacked up both doubles with their best 4 players it was a much closer game than you'd think, but, it tipped the wrong way with our two losing 2-1.

A 5-4 win with us winning 11 legs to 9 and hitting 7 ton plus' to 4.


Monday 11th January 2016


A very bad day at the office !

Having already played The Mackadown twice this season both times losing 7-2, but thinking we should have taken more, we went into tonight hoping to get the 3 on the board we should have had - obviously not expecting that to be the number of legs rather than games !!

Drawn out in the doubles were Lynne Wilcock(107) and Gavin Jones(140) who could have taken both legs against a decent away pairing but as is often the case too many wayward darts once under a ton and missed darts at doubles were costly, a 2-0 loss. First up in the singles was Paul Williams and it was a fairly one sided game with his opponent hitting a good break and 2 high scores over the 2 legs taking it 2-0. Steve Sweetman(100) got so far ahead in the first leg it was unbelievable that he lost it, the 2nd leg was also very close but turned out to be Steve's first league loss. Chris Cooke(100) also stepped up looking comfortable and likely to win but again didn't even take a leg leaving the club 8 legs to 0 down. A newcomer in N.McCrave(125) - Neil maybe ? I never found out :-/, showed us how it was done taking his first leg fairly easily but then lost his way a little and the next 2 went against him, still a 2-1 loss rather than 2-0. Paul Bryant was up next and as usualy you'de expect him to have a chance in any game...well maybe not tonight....some steady darts but also some miscalculating when on 40 not 50 meant he missed his chance and also lost 2-1. Les Robinsons game could easily have gone either way and with the away team cheering any decent shot his opponent made they too probably expected a loss...again, not tonight...Les lost 2-0. Nicky Harris(125) throwing some good darts and hitting a nice high score was up against it from the off with a 100 break in leg 1 and a 120 break in leg 2 plus a ton in each, which put her to far behind to really affect the game, 2-0 loss. Bob Jones(100,105,125) was last up and really could have put a 1 on the board for the club with some decent scoring and pressure but only took one leg of the three.

All in all a very bad night of darts for us losing 9-0 for the first time I can remember since we started back up, winning only 3 legs to 18 and hitting only 9 ton plus' to 13.


Monday 4th January 2016


The start of the second half of the season brings games against the top 2 teams in the league, so here's hoping home advantage can play its part ...... nah !

Steve Sweetman(100) and Paul Williams stepped up in the doubles against The Erdington Members Club and could have taken both legs from their opponents who weren't the best the 16 strong team had to offer, unfortantely as it often is with the doubles they couldn't quite find that winning shot when needed and lost 2-1, not the worst start. Les Robinson came up against Will Naylor who barely missed a shot and taking a routine 2-0 win. Steve Sweetman(140,112B) playing 2015's singles winner was about our only glimmer of hope through the night and a steady game saw him take a 2-0 win comfortably. Thats where the good darts ended with Gavin Jones(100), Chris Cooke(100), Steve Partington, Paul Bryant(100) and Nicky Harris all losing 2-0 and Bob Jones having slight hope easily taking the first leg but ending up a 2-1 loss. The match finished 1-8 with the club only taking 4 legs against their 16 and hitting 6 ton plus' to their 11, its a good job we come out for a bit of fun as next week won't be much easier, hopefully we can show some more of what we're about in upcoming cup matches.


Monday 30th November 2015


A chilly trip to St Johns where the darts are now played on a stage in the function room with the heating turned off for the away side whilst the home players are sat infront of a powerful blower keeping them snug and ready to thow rather than dithering infront of the smokers exit.

A doubles partnership of Les Robinson and Steve Sweetman was not quite up to the matchup and lost 2-0 without really getting close to hitting a finishing double. Chris Cooke was first to step up in the singles and on 2 of the 3 legs hit the bull to take the darts and won the first leg with relative ease, the second was much closer although the home player took out a 3 dart fininsh on the bull, the 3rd also went the wrong way which was ashame as Chris had thrown steadily and could have easily taken it 2-1 rather than losing it. Nicky Harris back in the had a tough match and also struggled to get away so quickly fell to a 2-0 loss. Gavin Jones managed to hit some starting doubles early on for once which meant he had a much better chance in the matchup and came out on top in both legs, a 2-0 win, Paul Bryant(100) wasn't on form and although he took the game to 3 legs was never really looking himself and lost 2-1, Steve Partington(100) on the other hand had a great game, getting away early and throwing some steady darts and could easily have won 2-0 if not 2-1, but it was not the way it was going to go for us tonight and he lost 2-1. Bob Jones(100) was ready to try and play in his coat but decided to brave the arctic conditions insteadm maybe it was the wrong choice as he lost 2-0. Paul Williams looking for his first win of the season had ups and downs throughout the match but held out over ther 3 legs to win 2-1. Last up was Steve Sweetman who looked to have dug his own grave by expecting to lose his unbeaten run tonight, his darts looked to be going that way until a flurry in the 2nd leg when it looked like he had turned it around....he hadn't,  another 2-1 loss for the club.

The final score of 7-2 with St Johns winning 15 legs to our poultry 8 and hitting 6 ton plus' to our 3.


Monday 23rd November 2015


The Family Tree made up of old players from the Trident actually managed to field a team this week as they travelled for a league match at the club.

With another great turnout of 11 players we opted to choose the doubles pairings ourselves to give everyone a game, this backfired a little as we paired up 2 slightly weaker players and the Family TridentBowl chose 2 of their best, although this then meant that our players who may have lost 2 singles games only lost this doubles it was a shame as we were up against a team that may be one of the only ones in this division we can say we could beat 9 times out of 10. So as it was Lynne Wilcock and Les Robinson put up a good battle but lost 2-0. In the first singles Steve Partington showed that once he's got a few games under his belt and with a little help letting him know what score he's left he could be a regular winner, tonight he did manage a leg but lost 2-1. Gavin Jones(100,112B) against his usually trident opponent took the first leg fairly routinely and then struggled with about 9 darts to start the next, luckily a 112 Break followed by a ton and an 89 2 dart finish saw out a 2-0 win in 8 scoring darts. Bryan Kennedy must wish he could play at the Mackadown each week as he just couldn't find a shot at home tonight and lost 2-0 without showing much of a threat. Steve Sweetman(100,140) did his usual trick of when he's not throwing at 100% still playing well enough to make a 2-1 win look fairly easy hitting a couple of decent scores along the way. Chris Cooke(100) back from a few weeks relaxing abroad probably wished he took a practice board with him as he couldn't quite get up to speed and lost 2-0. Much like Steve earlier Paul Bryant didn't look like he was throwing anything of a special game but was still extremely comfortable in a 2-1 win. Bob Jones(120) with a new set of Steve Bunting darts hoped to emulate the BDO player and did well to take the win 2-0 to bring us to 4 each with one to play. Paul Williams was on number 9 and whether it was the pressure of the match or just a lack of confidence he couldn't quite find a decent score once he broke and unfortunately didn't take either leg. A final score of a 4-5 loss where we could have possibly done better with a random drawer in the doubles however its good to see everyone get a game.

Legswise it finished with us just winning 9 to their 12 and hitting 6 ton plus' each.


Monday 17th November 2015


There was no game last week as The Family Tree couldn't field a team so back to the norm of getting a top team at their venue in the cup meaning a 2nd visit of the season to The Mackadown Social but with a slightly different format of 7 singles then 2 doubles. Its good to see even with one player on holiday we had 10 available to play tonight and all got a game.

First up in the singles was Les Robinson and he faced the same opponent as in the last meeting and the result also went the same way with him losing 2-0. Gavin Jones(112B,125,139,140) was in the game of the night which saw 3 high starts and 7 ton plus' in total lost the first leg because he couldn't take his chances, won the 2nd and left himself to far behing in the 3rd due to lack of starting double so lost out 2-1. Bryan Kennedy is obviously comfortable on this throw as although he also lost 2-1 he had his chances and was a bed away from a great 118 finish. Paul Williams was probably put off by his opponent being a 17 year old lad who although he can definitely play the game was given it to easily by Paul. A similar tale for Bob Jones who seemed put off by their players reputation and if he'd have played his normal game could have actually taken the in here instead of a 2-0 loss. With the game now lost up stepped Paul Bryant(137) followed by Steve Sweetman both who were up against very good players and both who came out unscathed with 2-0 wins. The first doubles saw Lynne Wilcock paired with Nicky Harris and while they both scored well in parts they probably would have done better in a singles match where theres not so much of a gap between throws. The final pairing saw Steve Partington and Gavin Jones(105) fall to a 2-1 loss but they at least gave it a shot with Steve throwing steadily and Gavin milimetres away from a 137 finish.

So a comprehensive defeat at 7-2 with the club only hitting 6 ton plus' to their 17. 

We'll try again next week, if the Family Tree show up!


Monday 2nd November 2015


Tonight was the first round of The Roy Parry cup and the visiting team were the former Poachers Pocket now playing from The Bell. There was a good start to the night with Paul Williams and Nicky Harris pairing up and taking a 2-0 win, true to form Steve Sweetman(100) strolled to another 2-0 win in the first singles. Les Robinson(102B) once again found himself paired against the best player for the opposition but took a leg and then was let down by taking too many darts to get away, his 102 break was then too late to make an impact. Paul Bryant(100,120) stuttered a little but still came out with a 2-1 win. Bryan Kennedy was up next and although still not back to his best was glad to get a first win of the season taking both legs. Gavin Jones could well have been 1-0 down had it not been for the other player not being able to finish the leg off, the 2nd was much easier and a 2-0 win to put us 5-1 up and through to the next round. Lynne Wilcock stepped up with confidence against a player she'd beaten in the past and it could have gone either way, unfortunately for Lynne in the last leg a 3 dart finish made it 2-1 to her opponent. Steve Partington playing his first singles match for the club showed good character to be 1 down and take the game 2-1. Last up was Bob Jones in what was inevitably a straightforward 2-0 win.

The match finished 7-2 with the club winning 16 legs to 6 and hitting 4 ton plus' to 2.


Monday 26th October 2015


The first match of our mini league was at home against The Raven and its a leg based competition so all 27 were to be played. 

Steve Sweetman was up first and saw off a very good opponent in quick time with steady darts throughout winning all 3 legs.Unfortunately for the night there were only 2 other games won, both 3-0, the first for Gavin Jones who like Steve had a good player against him but with steady scoring and a good 112 break in one leg eased to the win, the other was by default as the Raven only had 8 players. Out of the rest of the games Chris Cooke looked onto a winner when he took the first leg but then fell short in the other 2, new player Steve Partington also looked like he could have taken a win but again lost out 2-1. A return for Nicky Harris(?) was an unfortunate one as she was pitted against probably their best player, that said she got away and got some needed game time for the cup match next week. As i didn't take a photo of the matchsheet and going on the number of legs we won i'm going to say that the other 3 players, Paul Williams Les Robinson and Lynne Wilcock all fell to 3-0 losses.

Not the best start to the mini league but a couple of good wins against the Family Tree and then a reverse of tonights outcome when we play the Raven away could still see us top the league :-/

A final score of 11-16 with about 8 ton plus' to us and 9 to them with both teams having 3 high breaks and a Raven player having a high finish too......can't remember them all though :D


Monday 19th October 2015


An away day at The Raven where we lost quite heavily in the summer league but redeemed ourselves in the home fixture, so tonights result was anyones guess.

Randomly drawn in the doubles were newcomer Steve Partington and Lynne Wilcock, who managed quite easily to get away in both legs and came down the scores fairly well only to find that the home side adopted their own rules when a score had been marked down incorrectly, normally once that side have thrown again the score on the board stands, however on this occasion it was mistakenly written as 20 left instead of 30 and because the player throwing for double 15 dropped in the 10's they decided on the next throw that they'd already taken that leg !?! very unusual. We lost the first game 2-0. Up first in the singles and not up to his usual consistency was Steve Sweetman, the first leg went fairly easily to the other player and Steve managed to pull it square with an underpar 2nd but it the last leg having seen his opponent take 3 darts at double 16 he took a nice 3 darter himself and won 2-1. Chris Cooke(100) back from his hols looked a little rusty at times but some decent scoring visits and finishing saw him win 2-0. Paul Bryant(125,140) had to be on top form to see off a good player and hitting treble 19 followed by the incorrect double, twice, slowed him down a little but his aim for double 1 on both legs was good enough for a 2-1 win. Les Robinson had no luck with this drawer as he was with a player on form, a single ton in the first leg but the second was over quickly following a 160 start, a 2-0 loss. Gavin Jones who had played awful the last time at this venue was as steady as you could hope for in an untroubled 2-0 win. Now 4-2 we just needed one more for the match, Paul Williams tried his hardest but the odd shot just eluded him and although came close in the 3rd leg lost 2-1. Bryan Kennedy faced their captain who'd already warmed up in the doubles and unfortunately didn't come close to the game he played last week and lost 2-0. Bob Jones up last with both teams hoping for a win from their last player, but it wasn't going to be our night and although he threw a steady enough game couldn't quite clinch it and another 2-0 loss for us.

The match fnished 4-5 with them hitting 6 tons to our unusualy low 3, and winning 12 legs to our 9.


Monday 12th October 2015


Our first match in Division 1 and as you can imagine we were drawn out Away at the current champions The Mackadown.

This season the format is slightly different with it starting with a Doubles game randomly drawn from all players present followed by 8 singles, all matches are 301 double start double finish.

The first pairing of the season was Paul Williams and Bob Jones and it looked like it could be a good start with the home players strugling to take their chances, but our bad luck prevailed and we lost 2-0, Paul even had an attempt hit the 25 after leaving a bull finish with his last dart. First in the singles was Gavin Jones(112B,2x100) who after a great break lost the first leg but held his own in the 2nd taking it to a final leg where both players took 7 or 8 darts to start, unfortunately the other player took out his double after several attempts at a few finishes. Les Robinson was up next and although he started well was too far behind in the first leg and couldn't quite match up in the 2nd so another 2-0 loss. Aiming to stop the rot was Paul Bryant(112B,137) who also had the season started with a 112 break also hit a 137 from 163 to leave double 13 to tsake his game 2-0. Paul Williams(100) after his warm up in the doubles looked a match for their player and took it to 3 legs, his ton shot was actually unfortunate as he had hit the treble twenty and a single and was just underneath double tops for a 120 finish, it ended in a 2-1 loss. Steve Sweetman(126) after 5 weeks without a game showed no signs of rustiness and cruised comfortably to a 2-0 win against very good opposition. Now the game stood at 4-2 it looked more promising although one more loss would be the end. Bryan Kennedy returning after several years away looked much more like his old self than in the odd game hes come to inbetween but the players in this team play regularly so although he played a good game, like many others he lost 2-0 - hopefully a few more games will see more wins than losses. Lynne Wilcock after a long time out in the singles knew it would be a tall order to beat one of these guys but got away fairly easily in both legs and scored steadily to keep it fairly close but still was on the wrong end of another 2-0. Last up was Bob Jones who like many tonight could well have put a point on the board for the social but struggling to start in the 3rd leg inevitably meant that these guys who fininsh every time within a few shots came out the 2-1 winner.

A final score which slightly flatters our opponets at 7-2 with them taking 14 legs to 7 with 10 ton plus' to our 7.

Summer 2015


Monday 14th September 2015


The final game of the season was at home against St Johns who sit as we'd expect 2nd in the table.

The night got off to a flyer, for them, taking the first 3 games without losing a leg against Chris Cooke, Paul Williams and Les Robinson(100), Paul Bryant(2x 100,135) put a stop to the losing ways with an easy 2-0 win followed by Gavin Jones(3x100) who stuttered a little but still came out with anotehr 2-0 win making the scoresheet look a little more respectable. Bob Jones could have then even'd it up but danced around the doubles a bit and ended up with a 2-1 loss. Into the doubles with a point still up for grabs and a great game from Paul Bryant(100) and Chris Cooke winning 2-0 took it to the last matchup. Gavin Jones(2x100,121) and Les Robinson could easily have taken it aswell with shots at doubles in both legs but ultimately lost out 2-0.

Considering the lack of legs in the first 3 games we did well to end up 10-7 down and we matched them with 11 ton plus'.

I daresay we'll end the season mid table but its given us a good show of how we can match up against the big boys and even take points off a few off them, we just need to practice on our doubles a lot as it'll be back to double in double out in the winter.


Monday 7th September 2015


Tonight was our first visit to dartboard city, aka Erdington Members Club, where each player could have their own board there's so many dotted around. 

Being as these are the top team in our division and usually the division 1 winners it was great to get off to a flying start with Steve Sweetman(140) although struggling a bit on doubles taking a 2-0 win, unfortunately it turned to more a case of 'what could have been' for the rest of the match, Les Robinson was on second and for the most kept up with his opponent but one big score in each leg meant he fell to a 2-0 loss. Paul Bryant(100,140) could easily have won 2 of his 3 legs but was let down by a few wasted darts at the end of the second leg and lost out 2-1, Chris Cooke(2x140) wasn't up to the form of the previous week at home to the Dog and although he hit a 140 in each leg ultimately lost out in both, Gavin Jones(2x100,140) playing a former singles winner needed a win to keep any hopes of gaining a point alive threw steadily and won 2-0, Bob Jones(101) came up against the current league singles champion who showed his class hitting a 100 140 131 combination followed by double 15 to take the first leg in 10 darts, Bob had warmed up a little in the 2nd leg but was to far out and lost 2-0. Into the doubles we still stood a chance of a point, a very slim chance, so Gavin Jones(100,120) and Steve Sweetman(100) stepped up first and held their own having shots at the double before the opposition in each leg but losing out in both, last up was Paul Bryant and Chris Cooke who seemed more affected by the slow pace of a doubles matchup and couldn't quite get up to speed meaning their darts were fractions away where in a singles game they'd probably hit the target more often and again both had shots at doubles but also lost 2-0.

A final score, which flattered the home team a little, of 6-2 with them hitting 20 ton plus' to our 12 and winning 12 legs to our 5. Steve Sweetman is dodging the last game to keep his 100% win record for the season intact and make sure he only lost 1 leg throughout....he say he's off to Skegness but i aint so sure ;-)


Monday 24th August 2015


I was hols this week so can't say much about the game but our visit to The Dog earlier in the summer wasn't the best night where we should really have come away with something, at home tonight though the Social Club managed to reverse that scoreline with a 5-3 win.

There were several 140's on our side and a total of 9 ton plus' compared to the Dogs 10, with us taking 12 legs and them 7.

That's 4 league wins in a row and still only one leg dropped from 23 for Steve Sweetman.


Monday 17th August 2015


Tonights fixture away at The Smithswood Social was definitely a test of our players concentration as the away team had a selection of markers who could barely take away but often were also more interested in keeping an eye on the football. First to try his luck on what also felt a slightly long throw was Paul Bryant(100,125) but with his darts not quite flowing in the first two legs it left things all square going into the third where he started to find the target, only for the marker to only take off 25 instead of 125 giving the opponent around 5 more darts than he should have, Paul lost out 2-1 in the end. Second up was Les Robinson and he took the first leg even though under pressure from some decent scores on the other side, the 2nd went the other way and the final leg was anyones with both players having around 15 darts at a winning double, unfortuntely Les also lost 2-1. Next came Chris Cooke who really struggled to get a rhythm with the marker having to ask advice with every score then for the other player who took an age to throw, so a 2-0 loss took us to 3-0 down on the night. Steve Sweetman(100,112) needed to be on form to stop the rot and luckily for us it was a walk in the park as he was unpressured in his 2-0 win. Gavin Jones was next to throw and once again the marker tried to play a part by doing his usual staring at the player, staring at the TV and swinging his pint around in front of the board, luckily it seemed to affect both players the same and we took this one 2-0. Bob Jones(100) was last up in the singles and a steady throwing game saw him take both legs fairly untroubled by the opposition. Into the doubles and it was now all square at 3 each so we put out our strongest players of the night, Steve Sweetman(100,180) paired with Paul Bryant(100) for the first game and with Steve's first competetive 180 they seemed a little more troubled by the home players than they should have been but came through 2-1. The final match of the night saw Gavin Jones(2x100.140) and Bob Jones take a routine 2-0 win to make it five in a row for the club and see us walk away with a 5-3 win.

We hit 11 Ton Plus' to Smithswoods 10 and won 12 legs to 7.


Monday 10th August 2015


After falling to our first defeat of the season losing 7-1 away to The Raven in the first half of the season tonight was looking to be a similar result, however it showed that on the night a lot of our players were off form (or the Ravens throw is rubbish !) as tonight was almost the complete opposite.
First up was Chris Cooke(110,121) and even though both players really struggled to find a finish in the first leg he took a farly comfortable 2-0 win scoring well when needed, Les Robinson scored well enough to get down to a double but couldn't take one out and lost 2-0. Third to step up was Paul Bryant(100,180) who showed glimmers of brilliance not only is his second 180 of the season but to take out a finish when under pressure from the other player who should have been slightly flattered to take a leg in Pauls 2-1 win. Steve Sweetman(2x100) took his place on the oche hoping to keep his unbeaten run going but was facing one of the leagues top players, this didn't phase him though and steady scoring along with decent finishing saw him take another 1-0 win. Gavin Jones(2x100,140,115f) looked to be on for a fairly straightforward win taking out the first leg quite quickly then showed how winning the bull in this format is a big help and although he stayed with the other player through the second leg didn't find the double first, the 3rd leg was much more like the first with him holding a decent lead then finishing it off with a 115. Bob Jones(125,127) stuttered a little but some decent scoring and confidence on the doubles gave him a 2-1 win and put the club 5-1 up. This meant that going into the doubles we could possibly turn around the 7-1 loss we had away from home.

Unfortunately neither pairing quite saw out 2 legs with both Chris Cooke(2x100) / Steve Sweetman and Paul Bryant(104,180) / Gavin Jones(100) losing 2-1, on a plus side though Paul hit his 2nd 180 of the night.

So the game ended 5-3 with the club winning 12 legs to 9 and hitting 17 ton plus' to their 11, a good performance all round !


Monday 27th July 2015


After a few weeks playing the big boys we're now back against the teams we can compete with. A trip to the regularly smoke filled Kinfisher bought us back to winning ways, although it wasn't all plain sailing.


A regular no.1 spot for Paul Williams(100) who started slowly but produced two good finishes to take a 2-1 win and is regularly hitting a ton or more a week now. A little off the level we expect of him was Chris Cooke who stepped up next but couldn't find his shots and went down 2-0. Les Robinson(120) who is regularly very unlucky with his darts just sitting the wrong side of the wire to give much smaller scores then they deserve took out a 2-1 win where the leg he lost was down to a fairly lucky 109 taking a chunk out of his opponents score - not many people go for 2 treble 18's mid way through a 401 leg :-D. Steve Sweetman(2x100) started with 2 ton's and although seemed to slow down a little in the second leg took his game 2-0 with a 12 darter. Gavin Jones(100) thought his luck had changed as the smoking lady that normally fills the oche whilst you throw was his opponent, however, she bought the cigarette with her ! Significantly though she still went down 2-0, Bob Jones(125,138) was last up in the singles and after each taking a low scoring leg both players seemed to be egged on by the other and hit decent scores throughout the 3rd leg, unfotunately even though the checker called Game with Bob still needing 16 he lost out 2-1. A strong doubles pairing of Paul Bryant and Steve Sweetman(100,122) saw out a relatively easy 2-0 win followed by some good scoring and 2 finishes from Lynne Wilcock(107) with Gavin Jones(100) helping out inbetween seeing a steady 2-1 win in their favor.

A final score of 6-2 with the club winning a total of 13 legs to The Kingfishers 7 and hitting 11 ton plus' to their 7.

No game next week as the Pavillions have dropped out but players are asked to come to the club anyway for some practice in the way of a knockout or some competetive games. If you can think of any prizes we could buy to make it more interesting let Paul B know as we have our winnings from last season.


Monday 20th July 2015



No info i'm afraid as i was on holiday and nobody copied the game sheet.

We lost 6-2 at St Johns


Monday 13th July 2015


Unfortunately i didn't get a copy of the teamsheet this week so everything from memory :-/ , also no ton or leg information...i might guess a bit.

The newly named Erdington Members Club, they are NOT the Crown, visited and came in numbers with several reserves even though a few of their regulars were missing. Expectations weren't very high as this is a team that year on year are top of division one so we were hoping on a decent leg count more than a win.

Things started slowly for us but in saying that some of the play from the opposition certainly wasn't up to their usual standard which could have led to openings but our first 2 players in Paul Williams and Chris Cooke seemed a bit off as they couldn't find the 20's often enough and both struggled to win a leg. Steve Sweetman on the other hand though just got up and played his game, even if a little put off by his opponent, nicknamed Stompy due to his cure for dartitis being to fall to the side as he threw a dart and land firmly on his left foot, winning 2-0 quite comfortably and with a big finsh in the first. Paul Bryant hoping to even up the scores played next and although stuttering at times came up with a convincing 2-1 win. Gavin Jones up next and having took the first leg easily then dropped back into the low scoring from previous weeks and was lucky that his opponent was hitting the same, unfortunately when it came to finishing the away player hit those with ease so took the other 2 legs. Bob Jones then played the winter leagues singles champion and to be honest there wasn't much between them, a good 3 dart finish with treble 14 double 16 took the first leg but some steady scoring against him saw another 2-1 loss, still this meant that going into the doubles we could still take a point so strong partnerships of Chris Cooke and Paul Bryant followed by Steve Sweetman and Gavin Jones gave us some didn't last long, neither Chris nor Paul could find the form that they've played with so often this season and lost 2-0, then although a steadier game from Gavin with at least one ton and a 121 was wasted as neither player could finish the leg off, another 2-0 loss.

Although the result was nothing short of what we were expecting it was ashame that we didn't take something from it as on another night we definitely could have.


Monday 29th June 2015


Three 180's in one match, well done to those club players! unfortunately the finishing wasn't as good .

A bit of a change around in playing order saw Paul Bryant(2x100,180) up first and a great start it was with 4 darts in a row landing in the treble twenty meaning the first leg was straightforward with a big chunk taken out with his 180 and a 100, the next leg was almost the opposite with him trailing for the most and then the final leg could have gone either way, but on leaving the oche with a shot on the other guy decided he'd finish his instead.. Paul Williams no doubt now has found one of his least favourite throws as he went down 2-0 and couldn't quite get it going tonight. Les Robinson had as much of this game as his opponent and had a few chances to take 2 of the legs but it wasn't quite happening on the doubles so it ended in a 2-1 loss. Next up was Steve Sweetman(100,125,134,140) who unusually struggled on the doubles in all 3 legs and after too many shots at one in the first went one nil down, steady darts in the bulk of the next 2 legs with some high scores saw him pull it back for a 2-1 win. The second of the nights 180's went to Gavin Jones(2x100,180) who took a fairly routine 2-0 win which was closely followed by yet another 180 for Bob Jones(180) but some low scoring in the 3rd leg meant we were going into the doubles already with 4 losses as he went down to a 2-1 loss. Fighting for a point the first pairing on Steve Sweetman and Gavin Jones(100,140) even though losing a leg were fairly comfortable in the other 2 and won 2-1. Into the last matchup at 4-3 down Lynne Wilcock and Paul Bryant(140) found themselves a little to far behind at times and lost 2-0. 

A 5-3 result for the home team The Dog winning 12 legs to our 9 but hitting 13 ton plus' to our 14.

Onto the doubles next week then the top 2 teams in quick succesion afterwards to take us to the halfway point of the season.


Monday 22nd June 2015


Tonight proved that although we're probably not strong enough at the moment for Division 1 we are definitely better than almost all teams in Division 2.....

A regular no.1 spot for Steve Sweetman(2x100) now and a regular 2-0 win, Steve having played 4 matches this season has still to drop a leg, just what you need to get any game started. Up 2nd was our ton master Paul Williams(100,116) hitting his 7th and 8th 100+ scores of the season but unfortanely went around the doubles a bit and lost out 2-0. Les Robinson threw a steady game and although he felt he didn't deserve it he won through 2-1, next up and proving to be a good acquisition was Chris Cooke(100,107) who although not quite bringing his open board 180's to the game still took a steady 2-0 win, Paul Bryant(104f,100) got off to a slow start in the first leg but taking out a 104 finish seemed to kill off his opponent and the second was just a formality as he came out 2-0 winner, Gavin Jones(2x100) showed a bit more of his normal self and took another 2-0 win for the club putting us 5-1 up going into the doubles. Regular pairing of Lynne Wilcock & Gavin Jones(121,140) came unstuck with too many small scores and lost 2-0 but finishing off with a 2-0 win were Paul Bryant(100) and Paul Williams.

All in all a very easy win with the club hitting 13 ton plus' to Smithswoods 7 and winning 12 legs to 5, but it does emphasise the massive difference in standard betweed the winters Divisions 1 & 2.


Monday 15th June 2015


So that's what its like to lose a league game, and we did it in style ...

A first trip for a few seasons to The Raven gave us a taste of the winter leagues division one standard and tonight most of our players weren't quite up to it.

All started well though with Steve Sweetman(3x100, 105f) comfortably seeing off his opponent 2-0 closing it out with a 105 finish, next up another possible win for Paul Williams(3x100) who at 1-1 sat on 24 but couldn't find the double and lost 2-1, from here on in it was downhill, Les Robinson was up next and wasn't quite on form and lost 2-0 followed by Chris Cooke(140,100) who could have gotten more from his game but also lost 2-0, Gavin Jones might as well have stayed at home as although his opponent had a great two legs he probably never even got below 200 on each and also lost 2-0, Bob jones(125) looked like he could make the score look a little better and hit the treble twenty quite often but finishing let him down and as you've guessed he lost 2-0. So into the doubles and our best chance of a win looked to be with Steve Sweetman(139) & Bob Jones but keeping to the nights plot won zero legs and lost two... So inevitably Gavin Jones(100) and Chris Cooke(2x100) did the same making the score on the night a disastrous 7-1, with the club only taking 3 of the 17 legs but hitting a decent 14 ton plus' to their 17.

Hopefully back to winning ways next week.


Monday 8th June 2015


Today was the first visit for a few seasons from The Pavillions and it came with a few familiar faces so a tough match was ahead. Although in saying that we could be big headed and say we still haven't lost in the league since last summer so go into any game confident that with our usual standard of game and a touch of luck we can get the win.

Playing almost the same lineup as last week saw Paul Williams(100) up first and with both players throwing some decent darts it went 1-1 and things deteriorated quickly with them both on a match winning double, I wouldn't be exagerating saying they both had 15 darts to finish it before Paul finally dropped one into the double 2 to put us 1 up. Next came Steve Sweetman(100) with a steady game and even with a couple of tons against him won 2-0. Chris Cookes second game for the club was lost through more bad luck than bad darts as he was unfortunate to fall to a 2-0 loss. Up stepped Paul Bryant(2x100,140,152F) for the game of the night and after losing the first leg piled on the pressure in the 2nd leg with some nice scoring and a 74 finish then in the 3rd he couldn't miss a thing and took out the leg in 12 darts with a 152 finish. So playing for a minimum of a drawer Gavin Jones(3x100) took out a steady 2-0 win followed by a defaulted 2-0 win for Bob Jones who's opponent was a no show.Doubles pairing of Les Robinson and Bob Jones suffered a 2-1 loss but Lynne Wilcock and Gavin Jones(3x100) made the match 6-2 with a 2-1 win.

The club won 13 legs to The Pavillions 7 and hit 12 Ton plus' to their 7.


Monday 1st June 2015


The start of a new season in a mixed bag of teams in the randomly drawn groups bought up a starter at home against The Kingfisher. On paper what should be an easy win turned out to be just that with Paul Williams(2x100) kicking off with a 2-1 win, this was followed by 3 straightforward 2-0 wins for Steve Sweetman, Les Robinson and a good start for newcomer Chris Cooke(100), a bit a mixed up game next saw Gavin Jones fall to a 2-0 loss having 100 point handicap in the 1st leg due to a marking/checking error, the checkers blamed the marker for this but obviously knew their player hadn't scored 150+ in one throw as they'd have marked it on their sheet....Bob Jones(121) then got us back on the right track taking a comfortable 2-0 win followed by 2 more 2-0's in the doubles for Lynne Willcock and Gavin Jones(100) and Paul Bryant with Chris Cooke.

So the game finished 7-1 with the club taking 14 legs to 3. It was a fairly low scoring match which is to be expected after the break between season and none of us really having any practice during that time with us hitting 5 ton plus' to the Kingfishers 3.

Another home game next week and hopefully over the coming games we can keep the winning going until we hit the big guns 2 weeks in a row mid July


Winter 2014/2015


Monday 11th May 2015


Tonight was the final of the Roy Parry Consolation Cup where we were up against Division 1 side The Punchbowl who had took a close 5-4 victory against us in the Jimmy Walker Cup earlier in the season.

Although we could have come into this a bit rusty having not played in 3 weeks The Punchbowl were not expecting what was going to unravel in the first half of the match and stepping up first against the leagues singles runner up (we think he came 2nd anyway :) ) was Les Robinson(164f) and this was going to be Les' night. A close thought first leg saw Les 1-0 down but then in the 2nd a 91 start followed by 46 and finishing it with a fantastic 164 out took it to 1 each, the final leg again was a close one but his opponent struggling with double 2 then 1 and Les leaving himself double 18 hit it at the 2nd time of asking. Next up was Simon Harvey(135) and although not as extravagant as the previous match he still came through with a comfortable 2-0 win, Steve Sweetman(120b,100,120b) had his game face on for his match and got off to a flyer with a 120 break which helped to put him 1-0 up then got pulled back to 1-1, in the 3rd both players hit 120 breaks but Steve was ahead and took his chance to finish on double top. Gavin Jones was next up hoping to make it 4-0 and did so with a steady 2-0 win, contrary to the team sheet which read 2-1 ! So Paul Bryant(100,140) now had the chance to make the trophy ours with 4 still to play and what a matchup it turned out to be. Both players were a little sluggish in the first 2 legs taking 1 a piece but in the 3rd both got away quickly and hit 140's on their second visit meaning they were both on for 8 dart games, unfortunately neither did but Paul made his darts count a won 2-1.
5 games played and 5-0 up, the Coleshill Social Club are the Roy Parry Consolation Cup Winners !!

But still there was 4 to play, and unfortunately for Paul Williams he wasn't on form and came against a steady thrower who with nothing to play for just went through the motions to a comfortable 2-0 win. 7th to play was Bob Jones(111) who did look a little rusty to start but soon got more into his stride and held out against a loudmouthed opponent who seemed to think he was PDC material and won 2-1. Lynne Willcock fell to a 2-0 loss but got down to double figures in both legs and could have easily caused a shock, finally stepped up a reluctant Zoe Williams who also got down to under 100 but didn't manage a shot at a finishing double so lost 2-0.

A great season for the team coming out with the League Title with a perfect run of matches and the Roy Parry Consolation Cup. Lets hope we get a better draw than normal for the summer league and can hold our own in Division 1 next winter.



Monday 20th April 2015


A succesful trip to The Banbury meant that the club not only won the League 2 Title but also finished the season unbeaten in the League !! A great team performance throughout.

The night took a bad start though with Les Robinson failing to finish off a leg and losing 2-0, but 2 great matches from Paul Bryant(100,121) and Simon Harvey(108B) put us into the lead. Paul Williams(100) with a taste for a ton hit his 2nd of the season but couldn't find a final double so lost 2-0. Congratulations to Steve Sweetman(122) for going the whole league season unbeaten in the singles, and although his finishing escaped him sometimes stil came out with a 2-0 win. A lacklustre performance from Gavin Jones was just good enought though for another 2-0 win to take us to 4-2 ahead. Bob Jones lost out once again to Paul Moran 2-0 meaning we went into the doubles needing 1 win from 2. We started with a strong pairing of Simon Harvey and Steve Sweetman who wasted no time taking the 2 legs needed so up stepped the returning Bryan Kennedy with Lynne Wilcock to see if they could topple 2 of the Banburys better players, and that they did, with Lynne taking a double top finish in the first and Bryan hitting double 4 to secure the game 2-1 and a 6-3 win on the night. It was a low scoring game with the club only managing 5 ton plus' and the Banbury 4.


Congratulations to all of the teams players and lets hope we can hold our own in the top division next season!


A test of where we are will be in the Consolation Cup final on May 11th at the Crown playing against division 1's The Punchbowl who narrowly beat us 5-4 earlier in the season.


Monday 30th March 2015


This week was the Semi Finals of the Consolation Cup with our match held at St Johns, on a stage barely big enough for the two players to stand whilst throwing, once again against The Trident. It was a welcome return to the team for Bryan Kennedy after his layoff due to thinking he was superman trying to catch a full pallet off a forklift and doing his arm in :) . 
The match started off well going into a 2-0 lead thanks to Paul Williams and Gavin Jones, with Les Robinson then losing out. Simon Harvey played a steady match followed by a great performance from Steve Sweetman including a 10 dart game and a 120 break. An unfortunate loss for Bob Jones followed by a win for Paul Bryant took us to 5-3 & the match and as it turned out they only had 8 players so Lynne Wilcock took the final game by default, meaning the club won 6-3 and go into the final on May 11th against either The Punchbowl or The Banbury.


Monday 23rd March 2015


The penultimate league game of the season brings the visit of The Kingfisher, who having recently lost to The Poachers Pocket didn't have much faith in a win. This though started off looking like it could be a banana skin with 3 games played the club were sat at 2-1 down with Paul Bryants(100) 2-0 start being pegged back with 2-1 losses for both Les Robinson(117 - highest score of the night !) and Paul Williams, then it looked like things could get worse with Steve Sweetman having about 15 visits to try and finish his game off, luckily his opponent was having exactly the same trouble and Steve persevered to a 2-1 win. Two back to back 2-0 wins for Gavin Jones(100) and Bob Jones put us ahead by two with Lynne Wilcock stepping up against a player she knew was fairly good but she held her own and bar missing a few darts for double 7 could have reversed her 2-1 loss. With only one of the doubles games needed our players hit form with Paul Bryant(100 and Bob Jones easing to there 2-0 win followed by the same scoreline for Steve Sweetman(100) and Gavin Jones(112B), either match could have produced a 9 dart game.
So a 6-3 win with us taking 15 legs to their 7 and hitting 6 ton plus' to 1.
With 1 game left in the league we need to be on our best form against a Banbury side that recently knocked us out of the cup if we want to go the whole season unbeaten, so far it 13 from 13.


Monday 9th March 2015


As with our cup game a few weeks ago tonights trip to the Smithswood Social got off to a slow losing start with both Paul Williams(103F) and Les Robinson losing 2-1 in games they could have both won 2-0, on the positive side Paul was elated to hit his first ton plus of the season with a 103 finish! Steve Sweetman found that starting on Double Top was a good idea coming through with a 2-1 win followed by 2-0 wins for Gavin Jones(100), Paul Bryant and Bob Jones. Lynne Wilcock stepped up for the final singles game unbeaten in the league but couldn't quite keep that 100% record intact tonight with a 2-0 loss. Needing just 1 win from 2 we stepped into the doubles full of confidence and Steve Sweetman(100) and Gavin Jones had a comfortable 2-0 win with Bob Jones and Paul Bryant(112B,100) finishing the night off nicely with a 2-1 win.

So after a bad start we came through 6-3 winners taking 14 legs to 8, but a very low scoring match with the home side only hitting 2 ton plus' in their final doubles game to our 6.

2 games in the league left to go and only one win needed to guarantee 1st place, thats assuming that The Trident have won all of their fixtures aswell.

Anyone reading this that hasn't been to the games please come along and show your support in our final home league game on Monday 23rd March.


Monday 2nd March 2015


Another cup another exit for the Social Club. This was defiinitely a night of underperformances with Steve Sweetman struggling to finish off a game he dominated and Paul Bryant although hitting a great 152 start in the second leg also lost out. On the flipside there was a solid display from Simon Harvey and Les Robinson eased fairly well through his match with Gavin Jones having a 112 break. Steve Sweetman looked a bit more of his normal self paired up with Simon Harvey they took a 2-0 win in the first doubles, this took it to 4-4 going into the last game. Unfortunately Bob Jones and Gavin Jones took too many attempts at finishing off the first leg and their best player stepped in with a 105 finish, followed by a demolision in the 2nd leg meaining a 2-0 loss and a 5-4 defeat on the night. Back to the league next week where if the Smithswood social can field a team we're aiming to keep our 100% record intact and go into the final 2 matches knowing we only have to win one of them.


Monday 16th February 2015


Tonight was the first ever visit of The Poachers Pocket to the club and unfortunately for them they went away having won only 4 legs. 5 of the 7 singles matches were 2-0 wins for the Clubs Simon Harvey(140), Paul Williams, Paul Bryant, Gavin Jones and Bob Jones(106), with Les Robinson and Steve Sweetman(120,136,100) both winning 2-1. Steve again had to play out of his skin as he came up against by far their best player who himself had a 107 break and very few darts needed to take his leg. In the doubles Steve Sweetman(125) and Gavin Jones eased through to a 2-0 win with Father-Daughter partnership of Paul and Zoe Williams suffering a 2-0 loss although they did get down to their doubles and could have at least took a leg.

So a final scoreline of 8-1 totally 16 legs to 4, very good for our averages if needed at the end of the season. A low high score total this week with the club only hitting 6 ton plus' and the Poachers 1.


Monday 9th February 2015


With Simon Harvey missing for todays trip to The Trident, who are hot on the clubs tail in 2nd place with only the one defeat this season, and with them having a team of around 14 players to choose from it was looking like it could well be our first loss of the season in the league. Paul Bryant(112B,100) started off procedings with a 112 break followed by some great scoring hitting regularly about 70 each visit, unfortunately this didn't carry through to his finishing and although he had more than enough chances to take the game 2-0 he came out with a 2-1 loss. Steve Sweetman(100,120,112B) then came up against a young lad who looks like he lives for darts and plays like he could go a long way in the game, unforuntely for him he came up against a focused Steve who hardly seemed to faulter at all throughout the match and came out a 2-1 winner. Our win one lose one start carried on in the next 2 games with Les Robinson(121) falling to a 2-0 loss whereas Paul Williams battled through to a 2-0 win. Gavin Jones(100) was lucky to get a 2-1 win as he fell behind in every leg with poor starting but this games about finishing and he managed to finish where the opponent couldn't. Lynne Wilcock playing only her 2nd singles game of the season tried to set a better 'longest game' record than her first against The Dog and prevailed ! and with some decent finishing kept her 100% record intact with a 2-1 win. Playing the last of the singles was Bob Jones and it seemed that he was just using this match as a warm up for his doubles game as he lost 2-0 but hardly threw a bad dart in that one hitting a 100 and several 60+ scores meaning he and Paul Bryant won 2-0. Going into the final game were Steve Sweetman and Gavin Jones(2x100) and although a close game everyone knew the match was already over so they never really got out of 3rd gear and lost to a close 2-1.

The Club though with this 5-4 win still remain unbeaten after 10 matches with 4 league games left to play, which also means that the Trident (who may have even dropped to 3rd in the league?) now have lost 2 so need to win every match and hope we lose at least 2 of ours. Legswise the match was very close with the club winning 12 to 11 and hitting 10 ton plus' to 7 for The Trident.


Monday 2nd February 2015



A quick well done to our players in the singles last week where 3 of them made it through to the last 16.


A bit of a get out of jail free card for us this week against a Smithswood Social who didn't even know they had a game until we turned up, meaning they were 2 players short, this along with us being a player short meant that we were given 1 match. This proved vital as we were 3-1 down and looking like we were heading out of another cup.

That said there was a great performance from Simon Harvey and a nice 100 finish from Gavin Jones. Steve Sweetman suffered an uncharachteristic loss and was let down by his final finishing meaning we struggled through to a 5-3 win.


Monday 19th January 2015


After a tough fought out game against The Dog towards the start of the year tonight looked like it could be our first banana skin of the season, luckily our players had a different plan and had chances to win almost all matchups. We opened up with Steve Sweetman(140) playing a steady game and although a few doubles illuded him he came out with a 2-0 win. Paul Bryant then stepped up against arguably the Dogs best player on the night and after an 11 dart game in leg 2 fell a bit behind in the final leg and lost out 2-1. Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(108B) was back to being a bit more like his normal self and won 2-0 followed by the reverse scoreline for Les Robinson who deserved at least a leg. Now 2 each having won alternate games the club started to put on the pressure winning the next 3 all 2-0 thanks to Paul Williams, Gavin Jones(100) and Bob Jones, this meant that going into the doubles we already had the match in the bag. Even with some low scoring Lynne Wilcock and Gavin Jones had darts for winning doubles to take the final leg of their game but lost out for the first time this season with a 2-1 scoreline, but a fairly steady game from Steve Sweetman(100) and Bob Jones took the last game 2-1 making it 6-3 on the night. Legswise it looked more of a demolition with the club winning 14 to the visitors 7, however ton plus' were very low this week with the club only hitting 4 and The Dog 5 (4 of which were from the same player).

The only thing that remains is for us to start checking the clubs CCTV footage as there's rumours of bribery of the opposing teams captain going on as for the 2nd week running Steve Sweetman was picked out as Player of the Match when there were definitely other candidates up there who seem to have been overlooked :-D


Monday 12th January 2015


Another home cup draw against another Division 1 side, tonight was the very short format of 501 best of 9, 1 leg each. 
The Punchbowl came along expecting a walk in the park but were shocked to get a very close game and it was nip and tuck all the way through. Most legs were decided on the finishing double which tended to let the clubs players down moreso than theirs. The final outcome was a 5-4 loss which could have easily been the other way around. Other than the Division 2 cup its looking like either a lot of runs in consolation cups or we'll have a lot of free Mondays towards the end of the season.


Monday 5th January 2015



After our first game of the season away at The Gate we were hoping for a similar performance with their visit to the club tonight, unfortunately most of our players must have been nursing hangovers from either new year or Simons 30th as the standard of play was well below par and we were lucky to scrape a 5-4 win.
It all started fairly well with a tough matchup for Paul Bryant but he came through with a 2-1 win, the rot soon kicked in with  2-0, 2-1 & 2-0 losses for Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(120B), Paul Williams and Les Robinson, A fairly close game followed with Steve Sweetman(107B) putting the club back on track with a 2-1 win followed by two 2-0 wins for Gavin Jones(100) and Bob Jones. Into the doubles we went needing one win from two and assumed we could take both, Unfortunately Gavin Jones(135) and Steve Sweetman(2x100) were pipped to the double 10 in the final leg losing out 2-1. The final match was an edgy one with very few decent darts until Paul Bryant(100) finished things off along with Simon Harvey in another 2-1.

A really close night on legs finishing 12-11 to the club with us hitting 7 ton plus' to the Gates 5.



Monday 8th December 2014


The halfway point of the season arrived and another tough test for the club with the Banbury Club visiting.
It was a difficult start with the first 3 matches looking like they could go either way but Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(101B,100,160B) came back well in his first leg and took a 2-0 win including a 160 break with a 9 dart game, a stuttering start from Paul Bryant(117,112B) was put to the back of his mind as he came out 2-1 winner, Steve Sweetman(100,112B) trying to stay with Simon and keep his 100% league record intact finished off another decent opponent with a 2-1 win, Les Robinson(126) stating he'd given up near the end of his match then threw his best darts to record another 2-1 victory followed by the same scoreline for Paul Williams. Gavin Jones(112B) hit the clubs sixth high start of the evening and won 2-0, in the last singles Bob Jones took the Banburys best player to 3 legs but their mans 105B and 122B proving to give him to much of a lead so finished with a 2-1 loss. Into the doubles and struggling to hit a starting double Gavin Jones(121,100,100) was glad Lynee Wilcock could do that bit for them in the first leg, but even with a few darts at finishing doubles in both legs fell to a 2-0 loss, The Banbury forfeited the last game as they'd booked a taxi for 22.30 and wanted to be back for last orders, so a 2-0 win recorded for Simon Harvey and Nicky Harris(170B,180,180,160F)  ;-)
So against a team that looked to have 5 or 6 really good players the club came through with a great 7-2 win taking 15 legs to 8 and hitting 12 ton plus' to 4, with breaks of 101, 4 x 112 and a 160. 
We'v now played every team in the league once and beaten all of them so may have to carry a few new year hangovers to the 2nd half of the season as otherwise next year we'll probably be looking at 7 losses from 7 in the division 1.


Monday 1st December 2014


The first round of the Divisional Cup pitted divison 2's current leaders and the team in 2nd against each other, so this would leave the winner with a very good chance of liting the trophy.
The Trident came to the club still having only suffered the one loss against ourselves in the league this season and they got off to a perfect start with Les Robinson(135) losing 2-0 where he scored well enough but couldn't quite find the winning double. Steve Sweetman(100) then came up against the away sides captain and saw off a 2-0 win with relative ease. Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(100,138) had the same trouble with doubles and where he could have won 2-0 ended up losing by that scoreline. This was then followed by 3 wins in a row with Paul Williams and Paul Bryant(2x100) both winning 2-0 and Gavin Jones(123,101) taking a 2-1 win. Bob Jones came on playing for the win but couldn't find a finish and lost 2-0, so it went to the doubles.
First up were Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(100) and Gavin Jones(2x100) in a game that went to the full 3 legs but our guys prevailed and won 2-1. This was quickly followed with the same scoreline for Paul Bryant and Steve Sweetman(100).
This 6-3 win puts the club straight into the semi finals of the divisional cup with a very good chance against whoever the next opponents may be on March 2nd.
Match stats were a total of 12 legs to 9 and 12 ton plus' to 7 all in our favour.


Monday 24th November


A smoke filled trip to The Kingfisher was the fixture for the evening with a lot of our players struggling to adjust to the short throw -probably 7' 7" at best - which showed with the lack of high scores.
It was very much a case of win one lose one in the opening games with Les Robinson starting us of well with a 2-1 win but struggling to finish his game off Paul Williams went to a 2-1 loss, Steve Sweetman(112B) came next finding it difficult to start in his first leg but came alive in the second with a 112 break and 8 scoring darts to win 2-0, Nicky Harris was unfortunate not to see off her opponent and fell to a 2-1 loss but was followed by two 2-0 wins for Gavin Jones(100F) and Paul Bryant(100), Bob Jones(100) then left us with a nervy start to the doubles losing 2-1 but the regular pairings of Lynne Wilcock/Gavin Jones & Paul Bryant/Steve Sweetman(100) came out with 2-1 / 2-0 wins respectively.
The 6-3 scoreline was a little flattering in the end but hopefully the home match will bring some better darts from our players and another win.

The legs total was again almost double to the club compared to those of the fisher at 15 to 8, whereas the home team managed 6 ton plus' to the clubs 5.


Monday 17th November


A match with a lot a great individual performances from both sides was had with the visit of The Smithswood Social. With two 136 breaks, a 112 break and a 102 break, a 113 finish and a nice 72 finish on the bull all from our players. 
The away team have had a very similar start to ours so we knew it would be a tight match and although some games were close the final score didn't show it.

Steve Sweetman(109,100) started with a 2-1 win followed by 2-0 wins for Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(102B) and Paul Williams, Paul Bryant(136B,100) then had a slow start but kicked in in the second leg and won 2-1, Les Robinson(112B) fell to a 2-1 loss, but a 2-1 win for Gavin Jones(100) secured the win, Bob Jones(100) couldn't quite finish his player off and lost 2-1. Into the doubles and the pairing of Nicky Harris and Steve Sweetman got off to a flyer with a 2-0 win and a slightly closer match took the final game with Lynne Wilcock and Gavin Jones(136B,113F) winning 2 good legs in a 2-1 win.
So the final score was a great 7-2 win with the club hitting 10 ton plus' to the visitors 8 and winning 16 legs to 8.


Monday 10th November


Another cup visit from St Johns in the K.O Cup.
Although we went 2 nil down in the opening games we managed to quickly pull this back to 2-2, and then went into the doubles trailing 4-3 so needed to win both. St Johns went all out putting 4 of their best players in and unfortunately although we won the 2nd we'd already lost the first so came out of the match 5-4 losers. 
It was an improved performance over our meeting 2 weeks ago and we could have taken two of the games that we lost and triumphed but still a vast improvement on our summer league performance against division 1 teams.


Monday 3rd November


Back to the league and a chilly visit to the Poachers Pocket - don't drink the draught beer :-/
Being a team of youngsters, women and a few players that look to have played league darts before it was always going to be a case of our players losing only if they had real problems with doubles and this showed through with their best 2 players taking wins and then a doubles match that never got started resulting in a final 6-3 win for the club.

Paul Williams started the ball rolling with a 2-0 win followed quickly by the same result for Steve Sweetman, Les Robinson suffered the first loss but after 2 very low scoring legs Paul Bryant(107B, 118F) warmed up nicely with a 107 break and a 118 finish in a 9 dart game. Gavin & Bob Jones(100) also won, 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. That took us into the doubles games already with the win, the first of which started well even though it went to 3 legs with a youngster hitting an unexpected 100 finish, but Lynne Wilcock and Gavin Jones(100,112B) prevailed with a 2-1 win. The last game was a typical doubles match where no player really got into their groove and unfortunately Paul Bryant(100) and Steve Sweetman(100,135) lost 2-1. 
Stats wise the club won out with 13 legs to the Pockets 9 and 8 ton plus' to 4.


Monday 27th October


The first round of the Roy Parry Cup meant a visit from Division 1 side St Johns. Although not doing to well in their league St Johns have good players throughout and this showed as they never fell behind in the match and beat the club 6-3. There were some close games but we never took enough of our chances although there were wins for Steve Sweetman, Simon Harvey and Gavin Jones - who also hit a 180.
We produced 5 Ton Plus' to St Johns 8. We have also been drawn them in the K.O Cup in a fortnight.


Monday 20th October


Only 3 games into the season and we've probably already had our game of the year. 
This week a rejuvinated team from The Trident visited the social club and with several players bought in from the Rileys squad and from Chelmsley Legion (unbeaten in the summer league) along with their record of only 2 games lost in their first 2 matches it was obviously going to be a tough one for our players, and thats exactly how it started with the club going 2 down without winning a leg. Then came Les Robinson with a great finish on the bull to even up his tie and then taking the 3rd for the win. A loss for Paul Bryant (2x100) meant with 3 singles to go we were 3-1 down. Our newest player Steve Sweetman(100,112B) then got his first taste of the singles with a confident 2-0 win, followed by further 2-0 wins for Gavin Jones(100) and Bob Jones. This took us into the doubles 4-3 up so needing one win from the two games. Unfotunately Bob & Les came up against a young talent who hit a 117 finish from nowhere and although they looked the better players lost 2-0. Into the final match and Steve(118) and Gavin(100) took it 2-0 extending our unbeaten start to the season with another 5-4 win, 11 legs to 9 with 7 Ton Plus' to 6.


Monday 13th October


Another away trip this week to The Dog Water Orton and again off to a flying start going straight into a 3-0 lead with wins from Paul Bryant(112B), Simon Harvery(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(108B,100) and a long drawn out game from Lynne Wilcock which she eventually came out with a 2-1 win! This was followed by 3 2-0 losses meaning nerves were growing going into the last singles game but Bob Jones(140) took that one 2-0 to go back into the lead. A new player for the club Steve Sweetman teamed up with Nicky Harris in the first doubles match and looked to have been in a position to take the first leg but couldn't quite finish it off so ended up with a 2-0 loss. So going in to the final doubles it was 4 a piece and this then went to the final leg with Paul Bryant/Simon Harvey(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(\(140,100) taking their chance and winning 2-1. 

So the game finished 5-4 to the Social Club but on legs it was 10 each with the Dog coming out on top of the Ton Plus' with 9 to our 6.


Monday 6th October


The clubs winter league season got off to a near perfect start with an 8-1 victory over The Gate where many of our players spent several seasons before moving back to the Social Club.


Wins in the singles for Simon Harvey, Paul Williams, Les Robinson, Paul Bryant, Gavin Jones (2x100,145) and Bob Jones (106B,100) followed by 2 doubles wins for Lynne Wilcock/Gavin Jones (2x100) and Simon Harvey (180)/Paul Bryant with Simon hitting a maximum 180 !

We also outscored The Gate hitting 8 ton plus's to their 3 and a total of 17 legs to 4.










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